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Tom Gottsleben


Sculptor and painter, Massachusetts


Born in Boston, Massachusetts, 1950. Tom Gottsleben studied in the Chufu High School in Tokyo and at the San Francisco Art Institute. Recent exhibitions of his work included the Buttonhole Gallery, The Kleinert Gallery, Elena Zang Gallery, and the Hawthorn Gallery, in New York. Tom Gottsleben is a sculptor and a painter. His central motive in his sculpture is the spiral. All his artwork is spiritual, where the concept of light plays a very important role.



Tom Gottsleben


Syzygy 2001 ©
H 80" | W 47 1/2" | D 14"
Bluestone, Stainless Steel

Shadow Dancer 1995 ©
Group Bluestone & Stainless steel








The Gottsleben Home, an architectural wonder unto itself, called for numerous railings and balconies to complete its exterior. The theme of the house is spirals, and Infusion was commissioned to create railings that not only reflected this theme, but also each twist created a complete line that mimicked the outline of the nearby Catskill Mountain range.

"The design of the Spiral House is based on the universal precepts of sacred geometry and sacred architecture. In this light, a house or temple (or sculpture, for that matter) should architecturally and physically express both a cosmology and a physiology: it should be a reflection of the wisdom "'as above - so below", as well as embody the 'macrocosm / microcosm' insight. It should be a place where a sense of the sacred can be tangibly experienced; a meeting place of heaven and earth where the practical and the spiritual are balanced and integrated with the environment.
        The spiral is a universal form and pattern found in all cultures, since the very beginning of mankind's markings. It is the shape of both our galaxy as well as our DNA, and therefore - is an excellent symbol of the macrocosm/microcosm insight. The spiral is a sign of movement and growth, as it describes a path and connection from the center to its periphery, in a fractal - or self similar way. Some spirals, like the spiral of the nautilus shell, literally embody the ideal or Golden Proportioning system (a.k.a. The Fibonacci Sequence), which has been used in art and architecture since antiquity to emulate nature's patterns of proportion, harmony, and beauty. When designing our new home, the spiral form of the nautilus shell best expressed a sense of organic growth and harmony with nature - in a way that would be functional, yet also stimulate and inspire those who would experience it.
        The spiral house was designed and built by my wife Patty and myself, along with a lot of help from our friends. It is a 5 story spiral structure that 'turns' 2 1/4 times around it's axis; the central column of a 32 ft. stainless steel and glass spiral staircase. Constructed of concrete, steel, bluestone, wood, glass, and copper, it was completed in 2001."


Stand: 2017
Klaus Gottsleben