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Family research
Gayes Engelbarts

Welcome to the archives
of the families
Gott(e)sleben/Gottleben, Gayes, Engelbarts and

The archives presents the research state known to us. Have a look at the genealogy of the families Gott(e)sleben/Gottleben (Germany/United States/Finland), Engelbarts (Germany/Netherlands), Voß/Voss (Germany) and Gayes (France). Maybe we have common ancestors, can exchange data and close the still big gaps in the genealogy.

    Of interest are especially information and sources to the questions


Origin and variations of the names Gott(e)sleben/Gottleben, Engelbarts, Voß/Voss and Gayes


Which ancestors are known


Where are now living members of the families Gott(e)sleben/Gottleben, Engelbarts, Voß/Voss and Gayes

   you will find here the present research results

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"Based on stories from our ancestors
the bond of filiation is grafted onto
an immeasurable family tree,
whose roots are lost in the soil of history"
Paul Ricœur

A word about privacy
The Family Research Project Gott(e)sleben/Gottleben/Gayes/Engelbarts/Voß/Voss lives on the fact that personal data are gathered and published. Only such a comprehensive genealogy can originate over time and in collaboration with many genealogists. Nevertheless, we must respect the personal rights of persons still living.
Therefore, we have decided to publish no event dates and location for persons from birth year 1920. We hope to dispel any reservations and to win family members to contribute to our project.
Parts of our
family history were published by Klaus Gottsleben in Wikipedia.
Takeover of data please with reference.
Any commercial use of this web-site is prohibited.

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